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How do you fix my search results?

In order to combat unwanted negative or misleading search results, we must first create high-quality positive content specifically based on how you wish to be represented. Then strategically work to push that content to the top, using a wide range of organic search engine optimization (SEO) tactics and reputation management techniques.

The identity Sites process works like this:

  • 1. Together, we establish an objective based on your personal identity management goals, specific to the situation at hand.
  • 2. As a team, we create content based how you wish to be represented, using facts that positively reflect your identity.
  • 3. You review the content created and approve it for online publication.
  • 4. We publish the approved material and media on personalized identity sites using our optimization strategies to make the highest possible positive impact.
  • 5. As a result, negative content gets pushed down further in search results, becoming less visible.
  • 6. Your positive identitysites.com content lands at the top of your search results, better reflecting your online identity.

Can you delete negative search results?

No. To delete content without the approval of the hosted site would require extensive illegal hacking. To request the approval for content to be deleted though legal efforts is a very long and difficult process, and can often draw even more unwanted attention to the initial Identity problem.

What type of content do you create and what do you write about me?

Every Identity Management situation is unique and deserves a comprehensive assessment and customized solutions.

All content is creatively tailored to your specific situation and is always positive and professional. We begin with biographical writing and blog posts, supplemented with articles and press. With your approval, we like to include a variety of media such as images, videos, and links to social profiles. Everything is always approved by you before it is published.

How do you decide what to write about me?

You provide us with the raw information and material you wish to be included and our editorial team takes it from there.

Why can't I just do this all myself?

Back in the day, when the internet was a fresh resource, it wouldn't have been so difficult. However, things have evolved tremendously and the internet is an infinitely complex and highly over-saturated. Even with a good understanding of the strategies and technologies required, prolific writing abilities and with all the time in the world, you will need professional assistance. Identity management requires a fine balance of where, when and how you publish content on the web, what kind of metadata, keyword placement, backlink generation and so on. Through continuous research and hands-on experience in the field, we at Identitysites.com have developed a master formula that provides positive results, every time.

How much does Identitysites.com reputation management cost?

The cost of our Identity management solutions and search remediation is determined after the initial consultation with an Identity sites expert via phone or email. Once we've assessed the situation, selected a plan and established a goal, you will be provided a quote based on our evaluation and our plan pricing chart. You can get a general idea of our plans and prices at "Get Started".

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