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The importance of managing your personal and professional persona online cannot be overstated in the modern world. Our easy-to-use free website builder contains a suite of powerful tools to help you create and maintain your best digital self.

Grow Your Online Presence with Integrated Domains

We allow you to merge multiple website domains under one website, according to which parts of your life require an online identity. Multiple linked domains also allows you to improve your SEO potential by monopolizing search engine results.

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Why is crafting your online identity important?

The parts of your life that people have access to online tell a story. If you aren’t actively managing that story, it may be incomplete, incorrect, or detrimental to your career aspirations or personal life. Online identity isn’t separate from real life reputation, they are one and the same, so take control of your story.

Easy Plans Paid vs Free

  • Free Ads included.
  • Paid No ads.
    Multiple domains under one webpage.
    Multiple identities under one account

Who is googling you?

The first thing many of us do when we want to learn about someone is google them. Whether it's a potential employer, landlord, client, investor, recruiter, school admission personnel, or new date, there comes a time when your name will be searched online.

Research has shown that what pops up online plays a factor in people's decision making about whether they hire you, use your services, admit you into school, or maybe even go on a date. It's important to make sure you are in control of what people see when they look you up.

Why Choose Identity Sites

"Identity Sites had a great templates. I was a bit worried about my site, but it wasn't a problem at all. I love using web builder for my personal blog site and love their easy plans" Tom Hiddleston CEO of Magic of School

Manage your online identity in One Convenient Place

With your account, you can merge and manage several domain names under one website, create and manage multiple identities under one account, get free analytics or integrate your own Google analytics. You can also manage blog posts, FAQs, media mentions, photos, press releases, reviews, resources, and videos. All with one convenient dashboard, accessible 24/7.

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